The war against cybercrime is not lost.

Cybercrime and ransomware – the exorbitant, disruptive underbelly of the liberating cyber world we have embraced and depend upon. It is no longer a question of if an attack will happen but when, and the best strategy for protecting against it is to assume that, at some point, it will happen. But it doesn’t have to be as debilitating as you might think. The key is preparation, readiness and an holistic approach to your data protection strategy.

A Holistic Approach

To significantly reduce the risks data protection needs to be considered holistically, combing advanced backup with enhanced security and constant education and awareness.

At Arcserve our 3-2-1-1 best practice implementation of UDP combined with our strategic integration with best of breed endpoint protection provider, Sophos, enables us to provide the infrastructure of such a holistic approach by implementing the appropriate security solution and architectural approach you need to protect, secure and recover across multiple workloads and varying infrastructure – on premises and in the cloud.


Minimal disruption, maximum recovery

Like most Data Protection vendors, at Arcserve we have many customers that have unfortunately been hit by one or more Ransomware attacks. However, unlike other Data Protection vendors, when an Arcserve Solution secured by Sophos is implemented and aligned with our 3-2-1-1 best practice approach, we guarantee that one or more copies of your data will always be available for recovery in the event of a ransomware attack, or your money back.

Not only are we able to recover your data free from ransomware, but we can also enable you to spin up virtual machines so that your vital business applications can start immediately while data is being restored in parallel.

Duty of Care

As a data protection vendor we see that we have a duty of care to our customers to reduce their risk by providing the best safeguards against the ever-increasing threat of cybercriminals on their business critical data. Working with you at the data protection tier, we take it upon ourselves to ‘own’ the problem: protect, secure and recover. Can your current data protection provider offer the same?

A message from Arcserve's CMO

At Arcserve we believe in a partnership with our customers, and as partners we are absolutely committed to sharing risk with our customers. As such, we guarantee every customer who signs up for this offer that we will refund the money that they paid for their purchase in the event that we cannot recover at least one copy of their data following a ransomware attack” — Shridar Subramanian, CMO, Arcserve


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