Your Disaster Recovery Planning 101: RTOs vs. RPOs

Posted by Paul Brunyee on 10/13/20 8:00 AM

For enterprise IT teams, disaster comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s a hurricane; other times it’s a successful ransomware attack. Then there’s that time your system upgrade goes horribly, horribly wrong, and three month’s worth of sales data vanishes into the ether.

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How to Easily Manage Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery with Arcserve

Posted by Gary Sussman on 9/29/20 7:45 AM

Today’s end users have high expectations for application availability and fast response times. Downtime isn’t tolerated, and less-than-stellar system performance can lead to users jumping ship in favor of your competitors. 

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How to Maintain and Test a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan

Posted by Amy Fair on 8/25/20 8:00 AM

Proactively planning for how to respond to a disaster and get your business operations back online is key to building business resiliency. And in today’s tempestuous business environment, resiliency is everything.

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8 Must-Have Components of an Effective Disaster Recovery Plan

Posted by Pether Lek on 8/13/20 8:00 AM

Thus far in 2020, cleaning up after the 11 biggest ransomware attacks has cost municipal governments, universities and private businesses more than $144 million, and that doesn’t factor in lost productivity and reputation damage.

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8 Ransomware Statistics That Will Impact How IT Professionals Make Decisions

Posted by Leslie Keil on 7/28/20 8:00 AM

Once upon a time, ransomware was an infosec buzzword, uttered infrequently but with dread. Today, ransomware has reached mainstream recognition, and it is feared by millions of IT departments with good reason. The frequency of ransomware attacks has grown exponentially over the past few years, and there is no sign that it will slow any time soon. 

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What is a Disaster Recovery Plan and Why Do I Need One?

Posted by Amy Fair on 7/16/20 8:00 AM

To borrow from a classic Monty Python sketch, “No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.” Just like no one heads in to work thinking, “Today’s the day disaster is going to strike our network, and I’m going to spend the next 48 hours scrambling to get the company back online before we lose millions of dollars in revenue and half of our biggest customers.” 

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How To Nail A Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Implementation

Posted by Arcserve Team on 4/9/20 3:53 AM

In today’s age of always available expectations, you simply can’t afford to have downtime. That’s where the successful implementation of a cloud backup and disaster recovery (DR) solution comes in.

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The Wuhan Coronavirus: Protecting What’s Priceless in Times of Crisis

Posted by Amy Fair on 2/3/20 3:41 PM

The world is on high alert as news of the Wuhan Coronavirus spreads.

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Tags: Business Continuity, Data Protection, News, Data Backup, Disaster Recovery, Arcserve Solutions

The Importance of Disaster Recovery Testing—and How to Get It Right

Posted by Mark Johnson on 5/30/18 12:24 PM

Will your disaster recovery plan see you through ransomware attacks, hardware failures, and natural disasters—or will you be caught flat-footed? If you can’t answer that question with an unequivocal, “We’re ready!” you should be investing greater time and resources in disaster recovery testing.

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How to Mitigate Unplanned Downtime and Succeed in the Experience Economy

Posted by Erica Antony on 5/18/18 7:57 AM

It’s a new world. Today, it’s simply not enough to offer an outstanding product or service. To be competitive and retain customer loyalty, you must deliver an exceptional experience across every user touchpoint, as well.

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Your IT Disaster Recovery Plan: Get It Right With These Essential Tips

Posted by Christophe Bertrand on 11/28/17 11:49 AM

Tolerance for critical application downtime is rapidly dwindling in the mid-market. Today, in fact, a tolerance of less than fifteen minutes is not uncommon. With availability requirements like that, there’s simply no excuse for not building an IT disaster recovery plan—and doing it right.

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Avoid the Damaging Cost of Downtime to Your Business

Posted by Erica Antony on 6/14/17 1:21 PM

The “cost of downtime” likely elicits a fair amount of gut-wrenching anxiety at British Airways these days. In the wake of their computer system failure at two London airports, the airline stranded 75,000 passengers over Memorial Day weekend.

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