10 Reasons Why You Need an Email Archiving Solution

Posted by Ahsan Siddiqui on 10/15/20 8:00 AM

Email is by far the most commonly used method of communication between colleagues, clients, and customers. In fact, email is so popular that one study predicted that by 2021, almost 320 billion emails will be sent each day. That’s billion with a B. Every day.

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Tags: Data Backup, Archiving

How to Choose the Right Enterprise Cloud Backup Solution

Posted by Matt Knutson on 9/24/20 8:00 AM

In today’s data-driven business environment, enterprises must wrangle a massive amount of information every day. The success of many businesses relies on a large amount of that data being available essentially every second of every day. There isn’t any wiggle room when it comes to securing business-critical data and applications. Enterprises have to implement bulletproof backup and business continuity solutions to ensure they don’t miss a beat in the event of an unplanned outage or disaster. 

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Tags: Cloud, Data Backup

Why You Should Back Up Microsoft Office 365 Data

Posted by Mohammad Banat on 9/3/20 8:00 AM

When we talk about business productivity solutions, the first name to pop into most people’s heads is Microsoft Office 365. This isn’t surprising given that 56 percent of businesses rely on Office 365 applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive for email communication, team collaboration, and document retention.

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Tags: Data Protection, Data Backup, Microsoft Office 365

4 Steps to Overcome Data Loss and Downtime on IT Platforms

Posted by Mark Johnson on 8/6/20 8:00 AM

These days, enterprise data endures a wide variety of threats—some malicious, some just a fact of life. Protecting data from natural disasters, accidental (and intentional) deletion, data corruption, and ransomware and other cyberattacks is practically a full-time job for many IT teams. Unfortunately, the reality is that most IT teams are spread thin and lack the resources to effectively combat data loss and downtime.

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Tags: Data Protection, Data Backup

How To Nail A Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Implementation

Posted by Arcserve Team on 4/9/20 3:53 AM

In today’s age of always available expectations, you simply can’t afford to have downtime. That’s where the successful implementation of a cloud backup and disaster recovery (DR) solution comes in.

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Tags: Cloud, News, Data Backup, Disaster Recovery

The Wuhan Coronavirus: Protecting What’s Priceless in Times of Crisis

Posted by Amy Fair on 2/3/20 3:41 PM

The world is on high alert as news of the Wuhan Coronavirus spreads.

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Tags: Business Continuity, Data Protection, News, Data Backup, Disaster Recovery, Arcserve Solutions

Protecting Patient Data Against Loss and Downtime: Is the Answer in the Cloud?

Posted by Oussama El-Hilali on 1/16/20 4:17 PM

By: Oussama El-Hilali, CTO at Arcserve and Joe Goldberg, senior cloud practice manager at CCSI

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Tags: Data Protection, Cloud, Data Backup

World Backup Day Is Upon Us!

Posted by Christophe Bertrand on 3/30/18 11:23 AM

Backup is one of the oldest elements of IT – so why still talk about it? The sometimes harsh reality is that the world has changed and it has made backup more complex or complicated. Pandemics like ransomware are hitting many parts of our economy daily. On March 31st it’s World Backup Day, which is strategically positioned right before April’s Fool Day! And that’s how you’d feel (a fool) if all your business (or personal) data were gone because you did not have a recent backup. Luckily, some great technologies exist to help you get back on your feet should your organization get affected by an interruption event. Backup and Recovery is one of the key technologies that can help you recover after an attack. It’s not just a best practice or a nice to do, it’s a fundamental business continuity effort. So let’s celebrate World Backup Day!... which should really be called “Recovery Day”.

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Tags: Data Backup

Sharepoint Online Backup: Are You Vulnerable?

Posted by Christophe Bertrand on 2/23/18 2:57 PM

SharePoint Online has become integral to many organizations because of its ability to host not only traditional documents, but videos, images, scans, and more. As a testament to this, over 300,000 organizations now use SharePoint and OneDrive in Office 365. In fact, Gartner reports active users of this tool grew over 90%, and data stored in SharePoint Online grew over 250% in the last year alone.

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Tags: Data Backup

Unitrends Backup Fails at Truth in Advertising

Posted by Christophe Bertrand on 10/19/17 8:14 AM

While enjoying a peaceful morning cup of joe, I stumbled across a Unitrends backup attack ad that read, “Don’t Make a Big Mistake - See What You’re Not Being Told.”

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Tags: Data Backup

Architecting a Backup and Recovery Strategy That Works

Posted by Christophe Bertrand on 4/14/17 10:54 AM

A ransomware attack is just about as “doomsday” a scenario as you can get—at least where data loss disasters are concerned. And, with news breaking daily about the risks and victims, we’re seeing mid-market businesses all across the globe re-evaluate their existing backup and recovery strategies with an extreme sense of urgency.

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Tags: Data Backup, Disaster Recovery, Tape Backup

100% Agentless Backup Is a Lie - Buyer Beware!

Posted by Christophe Bertrand on 9/14/16 12:06 PM

It's undeniable: agentless backup offers a lot of big benefits to IT departments. But the question is, can you really go 100% agentless?

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Tags: Data Backup, Arcserve Solutions

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