How to Easily Manage Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery with Arcserve

Posted by Gary Sussman on 9/29/20 7:45 AM

Today’s end users have high expectations for application availability and fast response times. Downtime isn’t tolerated, and less-than-stellar system performance can lead to users jumping ship in favor of your competitors. 

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How to Choose the Right Enterprise Cloud Backup Solution

Posted by Matt Knutson on 9/24/20 8:00 AM

In today’s data-driven business environment, enterprises must wrangle a massive amount of information every day. The success of many businesses relies on a large amount of that data being available essentially every second of every day. There isn’t any wiggle room when it comes to securing business-critical data and applications. Enterprises have to implement bulletproof backup and business continuity solutions to ensure they don’t miss a beat in the event of an unplanned outage or disaster. 

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How To Nail A Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Implementation

Posted by Arcserve Team on 4/9/20 3:53 AM

In today’s age of always available expectations, you simply can’t afford to have downtime. That’s where the successful implementation of a cloud backup and disaster recovery (DR) solution comes in.

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Protecting Patient Data Against Loss and Downtime: Is the Answer in the Cloud?

Posted by Oussama El-Hilali on 1/16/20 4:17 PM

By: Oussama El-Hilali, CTO at Arcserve and Joe Goldberg, senior cloud practice manager at CCSI

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Tags: Data Protection, Cloud, Data Backup

Protecting Cloud-Based Workloads in Our Digital Era

Posted by Arcserve Team on 5/1/19 5:00 AM

In today’s digital era, customers expect access to what they want, when they want it. No longer will they wait to make online transactions or happily accept a “lights out” period from companies or applications they frequent. Take the recent Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp outage, for example, which sent millions of users in a frenzy. The backbone of customer experience is, for better or worse, now dependent on data availability rather than solely serving up quality products.

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Not All Clouds Are Created Equal

Posted by Oussama El-Hilali on 3/5/19 2:01 PM

By Oussama El-Hilali, VP of products at Arcserve

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Three (More) Benefits of Moving Workloads to the Cloud

Posted by Arcserve Team on 11/16/18 1:58 PM

Digital disruptions are becoming the norm in technology, but not all disruptions are created equal. While some, such as technology advancements and innovation, can benefit organizations through time and cost savings, other disruptions can pose huge financial risk.

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Protect Your Multi-Generational IT Environments With the New Arcserve Business Continuity Cloud

Posted by Arcserve Team on 10/9/18 12:00 AM

At Arcserve, we pride ourselves on our innovative technology and ability to protect data across a myriad of systems, applications, and workloads. Founded in 1983, we’re the world’s most experienced data protection provider still serving enterprises today, and have intimate knowledge on what it takes to protect the 21st century IT environment. We’re dedicated to offering the best of the best to our customers, which is why we’re unveiling Arcserve Business Continuity Cloud, the market’s first solution to fully integrate all data protection processes under one cloud-based console for multi-generational IT infrastructures. The launch of this new solution also signals the birth of the “new Arcserve,” including a totally new look and feel to our website and brand as a whole.

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Eliminating the Data Protection Headaches

Posted by Greg LaMonica on 2/20/13 7:56 PM

Building on my last post, now that you know what you need to protect, you can start the discovery process and determine how to move forward. Of course, you could offload your data protection requirements to a Managed Service Provider (MSP), an increasingly popular option today, but it is still your responsibility to ensure you are making the right data protection solution or service choice.

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Is Online Backup the Right Solution for your Business?

Posted by bennettklein on 8/1/12 3:04 PM

More and more, IT organizations are evaluating whether online backup (or backup to the cloud) makes sense for their organization. Clearly, keeping a copy of your important information offsite for disaster recovery purposes make sense, considering it only takes one event like fire, flood, or even theft to cause significant data loss which would seriously affect your business operations. And then there are other more destructive natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes to contend with, depending on where your business resides.

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