10 Reasons Why You Need an Email Archiving Solution

Predictable pricing based on front-end terabytes 

Predictably safeguard all forms of data, from any source -regardless of the number of devices, physical servers and workstations, VMs, cloud instances, workloads or users.

Truly universal licensing is based on front-end terabytes (FETB), so you only pay for what you need. No hidden costs. No surprises. 



Seeing is believing  

Explore the benefits of universal licensing today. Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) and exploit cloud economics with subscription-based pricing based on FETB.

Unlimited retention & recoveries

Get unlimited retention, unrestricted recoveries, and copies of backups to secondary locations or public clouds for DR.

All data, from any source

Protect any type of data, from any source – with an unlimited number of physical servers and workstations, virtual servers with agentless and agent-based backup, cloud instances and VMs, Office 365, NAS and SAN devices, and any other data source supported by Arcserve UDP.

Cost-effectively scale

Stop counting the number of VMs, workstations or servers. Estimate your current and future needs, and as your environment grows, simply add protection for the additional data.

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 There is a significant need to simplify the way in which data protection solutions are offered to align with shifts in spending to OPEX and subscription models. Arcserve UDP Universal Licensing meets market demand for a truly universal, cost-effective option to lower the total cost of ownership of its on-premises offering. Not only does it give end-users a more predictable consumption model, but it can benefit partners looking to uncomplicate the selling process.

Brian Clarke

Group Vice President, Pricing Evaluation and Sourcing Advisory Services, IDC

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